Samba Share

I'm trying to setup Samba to be able to access over the internet using the WAN IP address. It works across the LAN but the Help instructions don't work for Internet access. Any ideas? Is there a Samba port I have to identify?


Proven Sharer

Re: Samba Share

When you are using (or testing) remote access, it MUST be done from a different connection than the device being accessed.  The network router cannot loop a remote connection from a LAN-connected device onto its own local LAN port.  That is in the basic definition of remote access rules governing router performance. It can't be changed in your router or modem settings.


Thus if your PC running Samba is connected to your Spectrum internet connection, using your public IP address, then your remote access device MUST utilize a different network with a different public IP address, such as your smartphone cellular data OR a different Spectrum or AT&T cable internet connection, possibly over a hot spot or your neighbor's WiFi (with his permission of course).