Intelligent Home view live cameras

My live cameras are missing from my account page now.  Everything else is still there including view 24/7 playback.  When I click on view live cameras, it goes to the page that says cameras, but they're not there.  It has been working fine since starting in 2015.  I have IE11, windows 7 home.  I did inactivate some java and activeX programs when I thought they were hampering a different issue.  I reactivated the activeX after I googled that it was needed for IH.  But, still no live cameras.  I called Tech and she suggested using Chrome, but I don't want to and it doesn't seem like changing browsers is the answer after 2 years.  Can anyone help me please? Thanks.

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Re: Intelligent Home view live cameras

Good morning. I am sorry you are having trouble with the service.


If you will please check your PMs it would be appreciated!


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Re: Intelligent Home view live cameras

I will add that I do have live camera view on my iphone and touchscreen.

I did respond to PM.

Thank you.  


Re: Intelligent Home view live cameras

Well,  I got my live cameras back today. I think it's because I re-installed Java yesterday, not sure.  No one from Spectrum has reached out to me, although I did get a message that someone would do so.