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Can IH be installed in an apartment

Just wondering if this can be installed in an apartment? Maybe a crazy question, I would think probably not but I'm not sure what all is involved in the install.

Re: Can IH be installed in an apartment

Maybe... maybe not...

 Some heat uses line voltage thermostats, very common for baseboard heating  and thru the wall 1 piece HVAC.


The rest can be wireless and bought elsewhere

And anything wireless in an apartment is a disaster due to interference.

 And then there's the lease and the landlord...



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Re: Can IH be installed in an apartment

Intelligent Home is often installed in appartments. I can personally vouche for that in fact. And in my personal experience as well, landlord(s) will be happy to know TWC won't have to be drilling holes in the walls to get it installed (the components are WiFi based).


So yes, but getting certain controls (not sensors, talking about the control components) won't necessarily be possible (thermostat control would be one of those examples that could be a technical diffculty).

Here's some official FAQ (and yours is there as well):


  • What is Time Warner Cable IntelligentHome?

    IntelligentHome (IH) is Time Warner Cable's new home management system that provides next-generation home security, control, automation and energy management.  With this system, customers are always connected to their home, no matter where they are.

    IntelligentHome offers numerous features, including:

    • Touchscreen: easy-to-use touchscreen that manages the system
    • Wireless Components: wireless door/window sensors, motion detectors and other components that do not require in-wall wiring and drilling during installation
    • Remote Management & Monitoring: a personal customer website and mobile Apps from which customers can access and manage their IntelligentHome systems
    • Video Monitoring: live or recorded video clips viewable through the touchscreen, web portal and iPhone/iPad Apps
    • Touchscreen Apps: apps that provide content and additional functionality through the touchscreen.  Examples include weather, photos and news
    • Energy Management: lighting and thermostat controls
    • Rules Engine: an intuitive tool to set up events (e.g., turn on light) and notifications
    • Cellular Backup: secondary communication channel to the Emergency Response Center when broadband is not available
    • Battery Backup: 24-hour battery in the touchscreen
    • Professional Monitoring: 24/7 monitoring by Time Warner Cable's own Emergency Response Center
  • Does an IntelligentHome customer have to subscribe to other products from Time Warner Cable?

    Yes.  Today, all customers must have at least any tier of Internet service from Time Warner Cable. 

    Note: In the future, Time Warner Cable may offer IntelligentHome to non-Time Warner Cable Internet customers but only in Time Warner Cable serviceable areas.

  • Does Time Warner cable provide home monitoring to their customers?

    Yes, Time Warner Cable provides 24/7 nation-wide home monitoring through the Time Warner Cable-owned and operated Emergency Response Center (ERC), located in Syracuse, NY.  The Emergency Response Center will contact customers when an alarm is tripped and - when needed - alert emergency service providers (medical, police or fire). 


  • Can customers opt out of home monitoring and receive a discount on their monthly charge?

    No, customers cannot decline home monitoring but Time Warner Cable is considering allowing this in the future.

  • Do customers own the equipment?

    Time Warner Cable maintains ownership of the touchscreen, the router and modem.  However, customers do own the components including motion detectors, smoke detectors, cameras, etc.  Time Warner Cable will charge a non-return fee if the Time Warner Cable-owned equipment is not returned at the time of cancellation (fee to be determined).

  • Can customers use an owned modem to hook up to the IntelligentHome router?
    No.  The IntelligentHome system is run by a IntelligentHome modem and IntelligentHome router.  If the customer has one modem for IntelligentHome and their Internet, and they'd like to avoid the $8.00 monthly fee, they may purchase a second router to be used for the Internet service only.
    Note: A professional installation of the second modem may require a technician visit to install the necessary cables for the second modem.

  • How many components can IntelligentHome support?
    Today, IntelligentHome can support up to six cameras and 64 total door/window sensors, motion detectors, smoke detectors, keypads, key fobs, glass break detectors, lamp control modules and/or thermostats.

  • Does an IntelligentHome customer have to sign minimum-term contract?
    Yes, customers must sign an 18-month contract.  After 18 months, the customer may unsubscribe at any time.

  • Can a customer purchase IntelligentHome if they already have a security system installed from another provider?
    Yes, though it is the customer's responsibility to disconnect their existing system (should they choose).  TWC will not remove or disconnect any non-TWC security systems.  Today, the customer will have to purchase all new IntelligentHome equipment from TWC, as TWC cannot use hardware from their previous security system.  In the near future, however, TWC will be able to upgrade the customer's existing system without replacing all of the customer's existing equipment. 

  • Can Commercial customers purchase IntelligentHome?
    No. At this time, IntelligentHome is only available to customers that have residential accounts. 

  • Can customers remove components (such as sensors, key fob) from their IntelligentHome system themselves?
    No.  At this time, if a customer desires to remove a peripheral (such as a motion detector) from their system, Time Warner Cable will have to roll a truck to remove the device(s) from their touchscreen.

  • What number should customers call with any questions regarding IntelligentHome?
    The IntelligentHome Enterprise-wide Sales and Support Center can be reached at (855)-892-4444.

  • Can IntelligentHome be sold as a seasonal product?
    There is no seasonal rate or program for IntelligentHome.  If a customer wishes to place any other eligible services on a seasonal rate, this can be done in combination with IntelligentHome under the "Business as Usual" guidelines for the other services.  This includes any line of business eligible as long as IntelligentHome remains at the standard rate.  Customers will maintain their current bundled pricing and rate codes for IntelligentHome.  This assumes the customer maintains all existing services at a lower level (e.g., not disconnecting).

  • Can people who are renting/in apartments get IH?
    , renters can get IntelligentHome.

  • If the battery on a sensor goes out, whose responsibility is it to replace that?  Obviously, customers can get their own battery, but is there an issue if we replace it?  Does it void any warranty? 
    If a sensor battery goes out, we will mail out a battery replacement kit for the sensor and any other sensors the customer would like to replace.  If the customer would like, we will send a technician out to the house for a fee.

  • What is the cost of additional components? 
    Each component included in any of the IntelligentHome packages are available for a la carte purchase.  The following prices are one-time charges (OTCs) and do not affect the monthly pricing, as of 10/9/2015:

    Door/Window Sensor - $69.99
    Motion Detector - $99.99
    Day/Night Camera - $149.99
    Key Fob - $39.99
    Key Pad - $79.99
    Water/Flood Sensor - $59.99
    Barrier Break - $74.99

    Smoke Detector - $99.99
    Glass Break Detector - $99.99
    Thermostat - $124.99
    Lamp Control Module - $49.99
    Light Switch - $99.99
    CO Gas Detector - $99.99
    Takeover Device - $149.99

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