Re: syfy channel

It's a shame, but that modem doesn't allow customer access to the signal levels or logs. 


The trunk line from the pole to your house could be squirrel chewed or corroded due to being exposed to the elements. Makes sense that a different crew would have to do that as your normal front line techs only do in-home wiring from the box on your house or in the alley. If that doesn't clear things up then they would have to go further back to check the lines up on the poles.


Re: syfy channel

well the tap outside was rendered shot as well as the cabling in the apt. had a tech over today who was a complete moron telling me that 720p and 1080i was standered def and not high def i had to call his bluff on that and told him the 480i was high def even though it looks like garbage. while watching avatar today it was macro blocking and starting to look grainy he said that he could not see it me and my roomate both saw it!!! then i switched to something else that was looking horrifying all grainy and fuzzy like it was comming from an antenna. then he has the nerve to tell me that's how they broadcast. so really i am paying for a phone that goes blank when making out going calls and a t.v. that macro blocks and looks grainy nice job spectrum. i will be filing complaints this has gone on for 11 months and all they keep doing is giving me the run around i really think that this horrid company needs to be booted out of CA period!!! and i can't belive the construction people won't run a coax cable in front of the building when i have directv and cables for dish running down the sideMan Mad!!!! i am def gonna think twice about paying the bill when they send it i am over it!!! i can't comprehend paying 122.00 a month for crap that don't work let alone when it goes up!!! and sence they won't force the LL to upgrade the tap and the wiring i will be demanding an 11 month refund period!!! i know that customer service is horrified when they see all of my trouble tickets