premiums breaking up and pixelixing

living in so cal all of my primiums are breaking up and pixelizing badly. this is not acceptible for what i pay every month!!! i'll try to post a pic in a while


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now we lost all the channelsMan Mad


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now we lost all the channelsmanmadd:

I would recommend calling into support to confirm their is a declared outage for your area if not then schedule a truck roll.


Re: premiums breaking up and pixelixing

there was an outage in my area there working on it


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This has been happening since at least last weekend. Also in SoCal. They just pushed an unrequested box reset out here too. That's 2 in a week. It is really (edited) me off that Spectrum is stupid enough to believe that its customers don't mind when they do these resets. It takes a minimum of 5-10 minutes for it to run through all the cycle elements (L-8,L-7,etc). 


So a service that is vastly overpriced also induces forced service interruptions onto its customers that each time last for 5-15 minutes. As if when in the middle of watching a show, it is OK to interrupt our viewing of said show.


Now, after finishing its reset, there is only a pink screen. Ruining Sunday Night TV.  Spectrum....I cannot begin to tell you how incredibly terrible you are. The worst service provider EVER that I have experienced in my lifetime. At what point in your history will you finally get your act together???

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Re: premiums breaking up and pixelixing

@Nexus     Unless we are pushing out an update to the box we do not purposely reboot the box. This sounds like signal issues to the box.


I suggest posting your own thread on this and provide additional information about your issues. If you have Internet service you can log into the modem (in most cases) and post the signal levels and logs there.  Your peers can help diagnose the issues you are experiencing.


If the TV is Showing a Pink/Purple Screen. The HDMI connection from the cable box to theTV is usually the cause  Step 1: Make sure both sides of the HDMI cable are plugged in firmly. Step 2: Power-cycle the cable box by removing the power cord from the unit or from the wall.


I would also suggest contacting support directly to investigate and most likely schedule a tech visit.


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