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TV service disruption...green screen

Several times a day, my mother's TV service is disrupted with either a green screen or snowy fuzzy screen.  Service begins to recover withing 60 seconds and is fully restored within 2 minutes.  I've checked the connections and her Internet service remains fully functional when her TV service is disrupted.  What could be the problem?

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Re: TV service disruption...green screen

It's not a cable plant issue, modern digital coaxial cable systems (like SPECTRUM's) won't cause any of the symptoms your describing (also explains why internet is fine).   Do you have another TV to test in that same spot?  That's what I would recommend, need to troubleshoot to see if it's an appliance issue.  What type of wire runs from the cable box to the TV?

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Re: TV service disruption...green screen

HDMI from the box to TV.  I've read that HDMI can sometimes cause issues.  My mother has had this current setup for 2 years.  Why would HDMI cable suddenly become problematic?

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Re: TV service disruption...green screen

If this has not already been resolved you can try the steps below.


This issue, from a little research, appears to be a "handshake problem".



" You can try unplugging and replugging HDMI cables to see if that sorts the problem out, and even try putting the cable in a different HDMI port if one is available. If that doesn't work, switch both devices off, unplug them from the power outlet, plug them back in, and switch them back on."


Taken from Techwalla dot com




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