Static/buzzing noise on some channels

I have two TVs.  One has a cable box and one does not (my wife doesn't want one...LOL).  For years everything has been fine, but suddendly 4 days ago 4 channels (including CNN, MSNBC) started having audile noise (kind of a static/buzzing noise).  My other TV with a cable box exhibits the same problem if I remove the cable box.  Today I went to a neighbor's house about a mile away.  His TVs exhibited the exact same problem.


I called TWC tech support (a miserable experience---I will spare you most of the details).  They intially refused to send someone out even if I was responsible for the bill if it was not a TWC issue.  I was just told that I had to get a cable box for my second TV.  A supervisor finally agreed to send someone in 5 days. 


Today I get a call from India, asking if my problem was fixed.  Reading the notes from my previous calls, this "advanced tech support" guy did not understand the complaint, so I explained again.  He then asked if I had unplugged the TV and removed and reattached the coax cable.  I explained that I had now seen 4 TVs with the same problem and the probability of 4 TVs have faulty coax connections was as close to zero as you could get.  Three hours later the same guy from India called to asked if the problem was fixed.  With difficulty, I politely replied "no".


My neighbor called TWC today and was told "you are lucky you are receiving any channels without a box, we are in the process of requiring everyone to have a cable box---all the other cable companies are doing this".


Has anyone heard of cable boxes being required?  My wife does NOT want a cable box.  If we have to have one we are going to switch to another company that has just laid fiber optic in our community.  At least I will be able to get 50 Mb/s Internet.


Any input will be appreciated.






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Re: Static/buzzing noise on some channels

Has anyone heard of cable boxes being required?


Yes.  It hasn't hit all of the Spectrum/TWC market areas yet, but some markets have gone completely digital, there are no analog TV signals coming through the cable.  Because Spectrum/TWC encrypts all of the digital TV channels, you need a cable box or DTA on your TV, or use the TWC app on a smartphone/tablet to view the channels.  Some areas can also use a Roku device.


Any area that still has analog TV channels will eventually go all digital, it's just a matter of time -- and this is one area where Spectrum/TWC has an interest in moving quickly, because more cable boxes means more revenue.


Re: Static/buzzing noise on some channels

No matter where you go you will need a cable box, period. I think it absolutely sucks that the TV manufacturers refused to build in Encrypted qam- cablecard tuners and you should complain to them.

 Instead they are going to boxeless and no tuner sets with "casting" (streaming internet tuners and they require you to use an anderoid phone as a remote control.. A WHOLE SLEW OF NEW ISSUES!

Go to the Uverse- Direct TV setup, lol... You thought TWC was bad?  Limit of 2 channels per customer at the same time on


As for the problem, you have a severe electrical noise issue on analog tv channels... TWC and all other cable companies have be getting rid of analog for years.

They're not going to fix them.



Re: Static/buzzing noise on some channels

What does "Go to the Uverse- Direct TV setup, lol... You thought TWC was bad?  Limit of 2 channels per customer at the same time on" mean?  Thank you.