Some channels Pixelated

Only some of my channels are pixelated. It happens to the same channels on the DVR and on Tv's connected to digital adapters. Of note, Fox News. Rebooting a dvr is not a solution when it occurs on all tv's and the same channels.

Re: Some channels Pixelated

You have a signal level issue, probably outside lines/ splitters or storm/ rodent damage.

 Verify all connections are tight, Call TTWC and get a tech out... This cannot be fixed over the phone, it's a physical problem.


Spectrum Employee

Re: Some channels Pixelated

Remember, pixelation is essentially "errored seconds", when the signal is too weak or corrupted with noise to be understood clearly by the cable box, which means it's an inside and/or outside cable wiring issue.  Always good to check behind any wallplate outlets as well for bad fittings, especially if it's just some TVs pixelating in the home and not others.

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