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I produce a one hour program on Public Access Channel 21 here in Charlotte, NC. It is a high quality program that should look and sound good. However, when it is aired on local Spectrum channel 21 you can't hear it unless the TV volume is turned up almost all the way and it sounds muffled too. HD TV has been the standard for 20 years. Why can't we have it  in Charlotte on the  community access channels? There is plenty of bandwidth available because Spectrum, here in Charlotte, runs many of the same programs on different channels at the same time. If we can't have HD, could we just have desent sound? All other programs and channels are ok. The community needs some care.

Thanks, Cliff Whitney


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Re: Public access channels

The Community Forums are intended to be peer to peer support for technical issues with your  home services.  We recommend that you contact the local public access station directly with this request and feedback.   

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Cliff -

This subject sounds familiar, as though you may have posted it here in the forums before within the last 3 to 6 months.  You need to talk with the folks to whom you send your program material for insertion onto the specific local access channel there in Charlotte NC.  Although terrestrial broadcast HDTV was actually only mandated by the FCC since June 2009, it offers signifcant improvements in both video and audio fidelity.  


It is possible that there are technical quality issues involving the equipment being used or the personnel who process or transmit your production work to the cable TV head-end studio.  Or it may be that there is insufficient local economic incentive to upgrade the method of transferring or broadcasting your program material.  Local access and most other aspects of cable TV franchises are now regulated by your state's public utilities commission, not a local government entity.  If you make them aware of the transmission problems, they may be able to bring some pressure to bear, or offer some financial assistance.