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Picture to large for screen



We recently had Spectrum service installed and I have an Epson EX70 projector that works fine with a PlayStation and a DVD player, but when using either the 9865HDC or 8742HDC DVRs the image is too large (all 4 sides) for the display in SD / HD and the guide. I've checked resolution,  zoom and aspect settings on both the DVRs and the projector with no luck.


Any advice appreciated


Re: Picture to large for screen

Is this HDMI and an HDMI switch for the sources?

Are you using an HDMI splitter to feed the TV and projector?

Does that box and projector have Component i/o's?

The Edid is not recognized, you might have a projector setting wrong, needs to be set to autosize the picture.



Re: Picture to large for screen

The mini sub db15 can be used for RGBHV  OR Component Y,Pb,Pr

 Sadly, current boxes don't have S video outs anymore


 I would avoid using the HDMI as there's Edid and HDCP issues.

It's possible that Component and HDMI are not simultaneously useable out of the cable boxes.... Or that the tv has to be on the hdmi and locked to a specific resolution to get the other outputs to the proper screen size