MSNBC breaking up

The show stops and starts. Commercials seem ok (maybe local?) 2:15 pm HST
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Re: MSNBC breaking up

The show stops and starts. Commercials seem ok (maybe local?) 2:15 pm HST

Hi John,


When did the pixilation start?  If the problem does not go away on its own within 24 hours, or returns a short time later, the main thing we look at is a signal or drop line problem associated with that channel.  In what city and state are you located?  Zip code?


If after 24 hours, service has not improved, schedule a signal or drop line test.  Note that a reboot of the box only often provides a temporary fix for pixilation issues, which are almost never box related.


If you set up that service call, avoid resetting any boxes, modems, or routers for at least six hours prior to your appointment.  A reset of equipment will set the signal error codes back to zero and the tech needs to see the error codes not at zero.


When the tech comes, tune to MSNBC to allow him to take a signal reading on that channel.  But first wait for 24 hours to see if the problem resolves on its own.  The problem may temporarily resolve itself by rebooting the box, but is not likely to stay that way.  Don't over reboot as this strains the equipment,  And remember to wait for six hours and not reboot during that time if you set up that service call.



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Re: MSNBC breaking up

Are you seeing this on every program on that channel? Are you still 

having the problem today? If all of your connections are tight, you see no 

corrosion on any splitters and there is no visible damage or severe bends 

in the coaxial I would suggest contacting us directly for further support. 


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