Issues With Picture

Am I the only one who's been having issues with broadcast???

Every day: the picture freezes, pixalizes or the screen goes black.

I'm getting very sick of it.

I'm on my 3rd set of recievers.


Keep up the good work Spectrum.

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Re: Issues With Picture

I have the same issues. I have been on hold tonight 3 times and waited 25 minutes each time and still no answer.
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Re: Issues With Picture

Hey All,


A cut to the chase.  Picture pixilation is almost never a box problem, and will only be TEMPORARILY resolved by rebooting.  But if you reboot too much, this can hurt your box.  (The problem will come back in hours to days, for sure.)


Picture break ups require a service call to Spectrum for a Signal and Drop Line test.  This test checks the signals and wiring coming into your home.  And the drop line outside your home, as well as the tap.


To prepare for this test, YOU MUST AVOID REBOOTING ANY EQUIPMENT FOR SIX HOURS PRIOR TO YOUR SERVICE CALL.  This includes cable boxes, modems, and outers,  Equipment reboots will reset the error codes to zero.  The tech needs to read those error codes as part of the test.


When the tech is there tune to the channels that pixilate the most.  Your boxes have nothing to do with this problem.  This is a line, wiring, or trap issue either inside or outside the home.  You need a service call.  The phone reps and chat reps cannot fix this! A box swap also will not fix this.



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Re: Issues With Picture



Adding to what @Satch said, it is correct that pixelating and freezing that still occurs after an equipment swap usually points to a signal issue.  Factors such as weather can play a big role because it causes the outdoor lines to expand and contract.  It can also be as simple as a squirrel chewing on the line.   If you haven't scheduled a service call already, we encourage you to set one up to have the issue investigated.