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High def works for on demand shows but not on live HD channels

I'm a new TWC customer. Picture looks great when watching HD programming on demand. But watching live TV on HD channels, the picture is low-def. It's like I'm looking at a non-HD channel. I tried calling TWC but they told me it was probably something wrong with my TV. I find that hard to believe, when it looks so good on demand. Anbody else have this issue? Advice? 

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Re: High def works for on demand shows but not on live HD channels

What zipcode and give a few example channels you are having issues with?  We forum readers don't have enough information form what you wrote...
You can use this tool to help: 

Once you know that, I'd recommend actually calling TWC and having somebody communicate with your TV box (a DVR or a STB from the way you're decribing things) and have them:

  • check service codes for that box. Service codes are the foundation, and they need to be up-to-date for 2016, period.
  • check forward and return (aka. receive & send, download & upload) signal levels on that specific box (help if you can tell them the serial # of the box btw)
  • check to make sure there isn't anything that would indicate a trap on the line
  • check to make sure the TV box is set on 1080i in the settings, rather than something like 480p

You can do that last point by going to settings on the remote, scrolling over with the right or left arrow on the remote until you get to "high definition" and then scroll down and selected the "resolution" setting.

Hope this helps!  ^_^  Let us know what you find out?

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Re: High def works for on demand shows but not on live HD channels

On some systems channels 1-99 are sd and their HD feeds are up above 1000

channels 100-999 are usually HD but on some systems, some are sd and their HD feeds also above 1000


In other areas, auto hd works and gives you hd on all 3 feeds of the same channel.


One thing to try is to use the non CEC hdmi port on your tv and or set resolution in the cable box to 1080, not auto

Also try a different hdmi cable