Every other channel WILDLY PIXELATED (resolved 8/10/2018)


We are on a simple cable box - both TV's in two rooms have fully pixelated and weirdly coloired sacreens, some channels are fine, some channels are this acid-trip way. This seems to have JUST started. Now my life partner says it's all fine now. This went on for aobut 15 minutes. Wondering if it might start this behavior again, and/or besides running a re-boot, is there anything else I should do?

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Re: Every other channel WILDLY PIXELATED

is anyone working on this
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Re: Every other channel WILDLY PIXELATED



Pixilation is almost never a box problem.  A reboot will only be a temporary fix if at all.  Pixilation is often caused by maintenance on the line or a problem with the line or signal. Inside and/or outside wiring is most likey the problem, or something with the cable line.


If the issue persists, you will need to call Spectrum for a signal and drop line test.  In preparation for your appointment, avoid rebooting any equipment, (boxes, modems, routers) for six hours prior to your service call.  Equipment reboots will reset the signal reading error codes to zero and the tech needs to read those codes.


When the tech comes, tune to the channel(s) the pixilate the most for the signal reading.  This is a wiring issue inside or outside the house that needs to be corrected if the problem persists.  with the signal and drop line test on a service call work order.



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Re: Every other channel WILDLY PIXELATED

has anyone been able to get through to Spectrum
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Re: Every other channel WILDLY PIXELATED

Good afternoon! 


I am sorry for the delay. This is known issue and our engineers and technicians are

working to get this corrected as quickly as possible.


Our apologies for the interruption in services! 


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Re: Every other channel WILDLY PIXELATED

I'm trying to watch TNT and it's pretty much unwatchable.  Been this way for well over an hour.  Tried to call this in but spent my time in automated help hell.