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********Data to post to get help from community********

Data to post to get help from community: (it is useful to have in one place and current.)


1. Your location. city, state, zip. Single or multi family complex.
2. Services you get from TWC
3 Confirm cable box (excluding DTA/TAs) with correct serial/mac has a green dot through   Spectrum.net
4. Date and time this began and any repeating pattern
5. Description of your cable wiring from street and throughout house, include splitters, devices.
6. Any recent changes or upgrades to your account, or any neighborhood changes.


Some steps for troubleshooting the issue DIY


1. Please check that all coaxial cables are not damaged and are tightly screwed into the back of the cable box and the coaxial outlet (splitter if one is in use)
2. Please powercycle the cable box by removing the electrical cord from the electrical outlet. Leave the box unplugged for one minute or more and then plug back into the electrical outlet for a reboot.