Charlotte Public Access Channel 21

The sound level on channel 21 in Charlotte is so low you can't hear it.  This is just Channel 21. All other channels are great and have the correct audio level. Been like this for a long time.

Also, could we  please have HD on this channel. It's been 20 years since HD was introduced and the people of Charlotte deserve better. It's a shame and doesn't look good for Spectrum.

Proven Sharer

Re: Charlotte Public Access Channel 21

Like any other cable TV program source, program quality of your local access channels is the responsibility of the content provider, the folks who generate the programming in your local area.  The cable system only transmits the program material as they receive it, at no charge to the local community. 

You should ask the folks who operate your community access channels why THEY haven't kept up to date with more recent video and audio practices.  It may be that the content providers are not being fully compensated by funds from either the local subscribers (you) or local programming sponsors for the extra cost of updated equipment needed to generate and distribute HD programming in 720p or 1080i modes.