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How come my guide looks so old and on demand too it looks like a old tv is it the box
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How come my guide looks so old and on demand too it looks like a old tv is it the box



The boxes will vary with the software installed on them.  If you are a former TWC customer now Spectrum customer you should try to get your guide updated by getting a newer box.  The newest boxes are Arris, Cisco, and Samsung models.  These boxes have the memory and processing power to run the new Advanced Digital System Gateway Technology. (ADSG)  These boxes have:


All menus in HD

Cloud-based search

Cover art for movies, shows, and series

Expanded DVR storage

Expanded DVR Manger

Remote Programing of DVR Shows through Spectrum TV website


You may want to go to your local TWC and ask for the box that runs the ODN New Guide Software.  This box must be an Arris, Cisco, or Samsung model .  This is offered on these model boxes in newly acquired former TWC Spectrum markets.  What is the make and model of the box that you now have?


Older boxes are the Scientifc Atlanta Series and Motorola units.  Former TWC customers with SA boxes get a watered down version of the Navigator Guide.  SA boxes are old and slow, with limited storage.  Motorola boxes run I-Guide witch is also old and slow.


If you are a legacy Spectrum subscriber (always with Charter) you may be stuck with the older guide even on one of the newer boxes.  What box do you have right now?  Some legacy Charter divisions are rolling out a new guide comparable to the new ODN Navigator Guide in legacy  Charter markets.


If you can't get to your local office to get a more up-to-date box, set up a Spectrum service call to request an equipment update.  Please note that unless you are having a problem with your cable box, (slowness counts as a problem) you must indicate that you are having problems, so that it can be put in the work order.  If you are not having cable box, signal problems, or other related equipment issues, you might be charged for a truck roll.


No charge for swapping the box at an office, but than you run the risk of taking what they have.  The same with the tech on his truck.  For reference, an Arris, Cisco, or Samsung box will have the updated guide if that is available in your division.






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I just had a service call on Saturday, and he swapped my DVR Box from my old one to what he said was a new has SPECTRUM stamped on the box...not Samsung or this the newest box available ?... thanks....