Black screens/missing channels solved!!

First let me say new here so dont scold me for posting in the wrong place. I am a forum member other places and wanted to share my fix incase others shave the same problem.. Story: Had issues w/ new service (DVR box/ silver package, 200+ channels) missing channels and always hitting that (edited) start over button when the channels should be playing as soon as I hit the button, some showing black screens and some not even playing when I know they are included in my package. Tech shows up starts diagnosing, first thing I tell him is ditch the DVR box cause I dont like TV that much anyways figuring it would fix the problem with the constant push button start over (edited).. New HD box installed (non-DVR) .. Still not right.. Signal meter comes out, shows flucuation/dropped channels post splitter.. changed... still dropped/black channels.. Ultimate result is an old "filter" of sorts in the box located on the side of the house from when it used to be supplied by Adelphia cable.. Service has been sold twice in upstate NY, adelphia originally to TWC to Spectrum. Takes this part out (wish i had photo) looks like a small silver and black fuel filter of sorts about 3/4" round and 1 1/2" long.. It was cutting the service coming in for back in the day you couldnt get channels that you werent supposed to.. Anyways its fixed and I get all my channels with no dropped/black/push the OK to select start over crap.. Hope this helps with some problems and i will check back periodically to answer any questions.. Good Luck everyone!!..


Re: Black screens/missing channels solved!!

TWC and now Spectrum have no records or troubleshooting methods to determine what traps and filters are installed and require a physical tech come out and check the lines.

Glad yours was fixed.

Even the "internet only" ones are the wrong range  in many cases. For "new service" all the old existing garbage should have been replaced, especially the 20 year old outside wiring.