Modem listed incorrectly, can't view statements

The Spectrum app says I have a modem from an "unknown manufacturer" and the model number is ComoDD3. 


I own my modem for four years now.  It is an Arris Surfboard 6183.  So where is the erroneous information coming from?  Also, why no mention of the HD set top box I have from Spectrum?


Also, I cannot view any statements.  I see a list but a blank page if I tap one.

I have an iPhone 10r.

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Re: Modem listed incorrectly, can't view statements

The field you are viewing lists equipment owned by Spectrum or its predecessors.  Since YOU own the SB6183, it doesn't appear listed as Spectrum's property.  The identifier COMO is shorthand for Customer Owned MOdem, and I'll speculate that the DD3 is a reference to internet speed tier #3  (100 Mbps down, 10 up) that you requested at the time you registered the device.  Spectrum employees and moderators, please feel free to add official corrections as needed. 

As for the set top box also not appearing on the list, that might be in a different category (maybe shown under TV?).  When you click on a statement have you checked to see if your phone downloads an Adobe Acrobat pdf file of the statement? 


Re: Modem listed incorrectly, can't view statements

My speed tier is 200/20 (extreme internet and ultimate 200 internet). I have not purchased a modem capable of 32 down channels because Spectrum is still dragging its heels regarding the SB 8200.  I will not own or use any modem except an Arris SB as the other brands are terrible. 


Thank you for the explanation of what COMO stands for.  The DD3 part though must stand for something else.  I did find the set top box and it is described correctly.  As for the statement, I don't usually sign out of any apps so I had not done that with the Spectrum app.  I tried signing out and back in today and I could then see the statements download.  Spectrum needs to fix that.  I find these problems in apps frequently as companies are not keeping up with phones that have FaceID and require unnecessary sign out and sign in! 


I can't read the statement though on the phone as the font is very tiny and I can't see anywhere to enlarge it.  Plus, the statement will not change if I turn the phone to horizontal view.  The app is very lacking and it updated yesterday yet I still have the app insist I need to install, for the UMPTEENTH time, the wifi profile.  I ignore that.  Wifi is unusable anyway here and I just use the cellular connection when away from the house (or wifi on store apps when inside the stores).




Re: Modem listed incorrectly, can't view statements

The CSR in the office today was able to tell me what the DD3 in COMO DD3 stands for.  CUSTOMER OWNED MODEM DOCSIS 3.0.