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Can’t View Statements in My Spectrum App

When I try to view billing statements in the My Spectrum app (which I just downloaded today onto my iPhone 7 running iOS 12.2), I enter my security code, then I tap “Verify Account.” It says “Validation Successful”, but I still can’t see my statements. It just knocks me back to the page that asks for my security code. I think this is either a bug with the app or a compatibility issue between the app and my phone. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling but the issue persists. Anyone else having this problem or found a solution?
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Re: Can’t View Statements in My Spectrum App

I apologize for any service issues.  We are not seeing other users reporting similar trouble with the app.   If the issue is not resolved, we encourage you to contact support directly for further assistance.


Please contact us at: 


Re: Can’t View Statements in My Spectrum App

OP @Joey1986 is right.

I can't view my statement in the Android mobile app too, after entering the correct security code.


What's the rationale for requiring a 4-digit security code to view a statement from the MySpectrum mobile app? The Spectrum website doesn't require it.

And the whole purpose of using a mobile app is to make things easier.

How about implementing fingerprint authentication in your mobile app, and not requiring all this additional security codes to view a statement?