Online account deleted without reason

My online account (setup 4 years ago ) was deleted sometime in the past few months without my knowledge and for no apparent reason.

When I tried to login it failed. When I tried the fogot password, the website refused to recognize my email or phone number that I have always used with my account.

Tech support did however recognize my phone number. I was told I never had an online account to begin with, which is obviously incorrect.

I had to create a new online account.

This new account throws an error message on billing information:

We were unable to retrieve your account information and apologize for the inconvenience.

Error Code: NOSTMTSReference ID: 2UV28-VXLH5-Y2BGR-866HB-XXXXX
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Re: Online account deleted without reason

I am sorry to hear you are having this trouble. 


I encourage you to reach out to our Social Media Customer Service team at


Twitter: @Ask_Spectrum

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Spectrum



Julia R.

Spectrum-Social Media Customer Service

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