My account redirects to logging out immediately!!!

Trying to log into my account. Enter my information then it redirects me to automatically logging out.
Tried on 3 different devices and the app. I'm annoyed. I cant log in!!! It will also redirect me as soon as i click the log in button to the "forgot password" screen!!!! Talk about software gore!!!
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Re: My account redirects to logging out immediately!!!

Good morning.


Have you recently moved? Have you recently re-connected a former account?

Has your account number changed?


If any of those are the case you would need to re-register for the account for 

access to the new account. The old account login would not be active.


If you are not able to resolve this please do contact us directly for support. 


You can contact our Social Media Care team at:
Twitter: @Ask_Spectrum
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Spectrum

Julia R.
Spectrum-Social Media Customer Care
Lead Moderator-Community Forums