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Login not working online or MySpectrum App

I have attempted resetting my password and tried to login from multiple devices, browsers, and the MySpectrum app but I am always redirected to login page. I know it's not an issue with my actual password because if I put password in wrong it tells me my login info is  incorrect. This seems like a TWC issue - how can I fix??


This is URL that appears after I try to login;




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Re: Login not working online or MySpectrum App

The redirect login loop is normally caused when the person is putting 

in credentials from a former account.


This we see relatively frequently when people have moved and do not know

that the account numbers change. The new account would need to be registered.


Because your peers here in the forums are not able to check to determine 

the reason for this loop I encourage you to contact our Social Media Customer 

Care Team. 


Twitter: @Ask_Spectrum

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Spectrum

Julia R.
Spectrum-Social Media Customer Care
Lead Moderator-Community Forums



Re: Login not working online or MySpectrum App

I've been having the same problem all day.