Re: Changing services on a legacy TWC account

Well, I never stated I was refusing anything.  I stated that my savings would be $22.49 after a switch to Spectrum pricing and losing the discount on Internet.  I also stated that I preferred to save $42.49 and keep the TWC legacy account, which apparently is not possible.  That's a preference, not a refusal.


As for the speed increase, all maximum speeds are best-case scenarios..... whether I actually get 100 Mbps on a Spectrum account remains to be seen, as my node switches from fiber-optic to rather old aluminum line a few blocks from me, causing the various connection issues I have experienced for a couple of years.  My current TWC Internet of 60 Mbps comes in often at 70 Mbps, but that's on lines carrying the same signal to my Spectrum-contracted neighbors who pay for 100 Mbps..... so it's quite possible they only get 70 Mbps as well, which would be no gain in speed for me.  

So, I did not state I was refusing anything, and the numbers you cited are the same that I did.  Consequently, I can agree that you are a little confused.
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Re: Changing services on a legacy TWC account

Sorry if I ruffled some feathers. Refused might have been too strong a word. But we do agree that you choose not to take the 22.49 savings  for faster internet and no TV which you do not want anyway. Thus we both agree I am still confused. 

I also plugged your zip code into the Spectrum rate card page and according to it base speeds for your area are 200 down and 10 up. So it is a pretty big jump. While those speeds are always subject to some leeway it would seem that if you are paying for 200 you certainly are going to get more than your current 70. If not maybe you could force Spectrum to give you a discount like you did with TWC😊. While Spectrum does not give retention discounts anymore I think they are required to get fairly close to their advertised speeds.  

Anyway best of luck to you in whatever you choose. 


Re: Changing services on a legacy TWC account

Seems to me that your options are this:

1. Keep everything as-is 

2. Drop tv and switch to Spectrum internet (which, bottom line, saves you ~$20 per month)

3. Convince Spectrum to let you drop tv and stay on your legacy TWC internet plan (highly unlikely)


Keeping everything as-is means you are spending an extra $20 per month to keep tv that you don't want anyway. The speed difference between TWC 60 and Spectrum 100 isn't that noticable and may not be of any consequence to you depending on your browsing habits, but bottom line you'd be saving $20 per month by dropping tv. 


Re: Changing services on a legacy TWC account

LGT, no ruffled feathers, just clarifying, as you still seem confused.  We don't agree that I choose not to take the savings, because  I never said I wasn't going to make the switch.  I said I didn't want to.... but it's apparently not an option under Spectrum policy.  Obviously I'm not going to keep paying for TV I don't use.

My zip code receives 100, 200 and 300 Mbps options.  The comparable speed for my price point with TWC at 60 Mbps, is 100 Mbps with Spectrum.  I would have to pay considerably more for 200 Mbps.