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Adding a 2nd accout

Trying to add our vacation home to our online account.  I see no place to add a 2nd account.  Any advice?

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Re: Adding a 2nd accout

My old landlord had attempted it.  He could not do it.  This was legacy TWC 4 years ago.  Maybe it has changed with Spectrum.


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Re: Adding a 2nd accout

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At this time there is no way to merge 2 different accounts into one login.

You would need to have 2 separate accounts.


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Re: Adding a 2nd accout

That is actually a very logical practice, since Spectrum will install company-owned equipment at both service addresses.  Each internet data modem will have its own independent internet addresses and speed package; each set-top converter can be subscribed to a different video entertainment programming tier.   The two locations may even be located in different service franchise areas and telephone area codes.  There's no simple way to share one account number and correresponding security password for both locations.