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Purely by coincidence my wife is listed as the account owner. I am the one managing things and fixing problems (not to mention paying for the service). How does one assign or change account owner status or add another user as account owner to avoid any issues when changing account services?

I am certain my wife has no interest in spending a day at the Hilton Head store updating this information.

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Good morning. 


If you are wanting to change the name on the account to yours "Account Assumption"  you both would need to fill out a form/agreement. This can be mailed, faxed or taken to a Spectrum Store location. Transfer Account Ownership and Name Change Form


To add an Authorized User the account holder needs to phone in or visit a Spectrum Store locaiton. The account holder must authenticate the account and request that an authorized user be added.   





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Re: Account Owner

I am bringing my wife to the store Monday  morning to ensure I get the new equipment and deal with any account change requirent. I filled out the form.  

I only hope they have the equipment I want.


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As it turned out no one asked anything. I got my new modem and Wave2 ASKEY router. However there seems to be an issue with this model of the WAVE2 router. No one can login to the router to setup the SSIDs and passwords. Tech support could not either. Got a second one because thats all the store has and it did the same thing. Beware of the ASKEY WAVE2 routers!

I will open a different discussion to describe the frustration that occurred when the tech came to the house to determine the problem! It wasn't pretty.