help getting Gateway modem to get Spectrum App working

I need help.  I am encountering this problem which this forum topic said is resolved, but it is not: https://forums.timewarnercable.com/t5/watch-spectrum-net/Spectrum-TV-app-DOESN-T-work-as-advertised/... 


I have Spectrum cable (Gold Package/DVR) but my internet service is with Greenlight, not spectrum.   Despite not using Spectrum as my internet provider, I am supposed to be able to fully access the spectrum TV app on my ipad while at home.  The above forum link says Spectrum should provide me, free-of-charge, with a "gateway modem" thru which I can access the full Spectrum TV app.  


  And in fact, I called Spectrum yesterday and they agreed I needed to go and pick up a gateway modem - they even put this in my record in their system so that the store reps would understand what I needed.  But when I went to the store (after waiting 15 mins) they told me they could not give me a modem.  when I showed them this forum chat and called their attention to the note in my record, they still said it was not possible to just give me the modem and that there was no way for me to fully access with Spectrum app in my home unless I also purchased my internet from Spectrum.  This is terribly frustrating - especially since I am paying spectrum $125+ a month for cable TV and am unable to access the app which I am paying for.  Please help! 

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Re: help getting Gateway modem to get Spectrum App working

You are correct, video subscribers who do not subscribe to Spectrum Internet can be provided a gateway modem that is set up for Spectrum TV App access only.  While there is no monthly fee for the modem, there is a one time installation fee.  If you have an existing, working coax connection, you can usually do a self install, otherwise you will need a professional installation from a field technician.   


For assistance, please send us a private message @Forums_Help  with your name, address and account information as well as a contact number and a good time of day to reach you.  We will set up a call back from an Internet specialist that can complete your request.