Unable to activate HBOGO - for weeks

My Samsung Smart TV forced me to activate hbo go again.
Going to hbogo/activate leads to the spectrum login.
This keep returning a generic “we are unable to handle this request at this time, please try again later”

It’s been 3 weeks. What gives ??

Re: Unable to activate HBOGO - for weeks

And yes, I can log onto hbogo just fine and watch content on a browser.
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Re: Unable to activate HBOGO - for weeks

We would be happy to look into this. What browser are you trying to use

to activate? We have heard from many over the past several years that 

Internet Explorer is the browser that most successfully works for that.

When you try to login to the app on the TV what message do you get?

Have you cleared cookies cache and history from the browser and 

navigated to hbogo.com/activate again? 


If you will please contact our Social Media Customer Care team via 

Direct message  Twitter: @Ask_Spectrum or on Facebook privately 

at Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Spectrum we can check on that. 


1. Your account number for verification

2. Your service address

3. Your username


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Re: Unable to activate HBOGO - for weeks

It has been some time since I have activated with HBO, but I found this trick when I got an error page like that when activating years ago. Open up your my account page, and log in. Then in a seperate tab, navigate to hbo.com/activate. When it tries to redirect to Spectrum for authentication, you will already be open and it will have authenticated, and not return that error. I hope this trick works for that problem like it did for me back in the day.
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Re: Unable to activate HBOGO - for weeks

But now the option to put Time Warner or Spectrum so I can activate a device on my HBOGo account is not there I looked and I looked and it's not there there's no Time Warner or Spectrum name in the list so I don't know what to do

Re: Unable to activate HBOGO - for weeks

Just spoke with a Time Warner Cable App support specialist and they said that if you are unable to log in using TWC or Spectrum (because they are not available from the list) just pick Charter Spectrum and log in as you normally would. It worked for me so hopefully it works for everyone else.


Re: Unable to activate HBOGO - for weeks

Solved my problem. Thanks!