It is happening again!  I go through the sign in on Watch TCM.  I hit Spectrum, it says waiting to contact, then nothing.  It will either say error or time out or just give a blank screen.  I reinstalled, cleared data etc.  Is this because of a problem between Spectrum and TCM?  Is there a way to get an older version of the app?

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Good morning!


In testing the App and website on multiple devices, multiple computers, multiple networks I was able to login without any trouble.  


Are you still experiencing issues? 


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Re: TCM App

The blank screen still appears for me here. I am overseas. Anyone?


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Could be some sort of region lock/filtering thing going on, seeing as you are overseas (or just some flakey routing somewhere along the way).

Might be able to get around it through a VPN service. There are some out there for PC and Android that have decent free use plans if you can stomach the ads/emails they may throw at you periodically (can't vouch for Apple devices). I've used Tunnel Bear on both PC and Android for quick tests (500mb free/month). For Android devices, I've also used Windscribe (1gb/month) and ProtonVPN (unlimited data, but has bandwidth/content restrictions and limited portals with free plan).

May not be a very practical solution depending on the devices in play, but could be a useful test to see if it may be a routing type of issue that needs to be investigated locally with the network admin or ISP's higher tiers of support.