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Starz App has Locked Movie

Good evening! I have downloaded the Starz app on my Fire Stick and wanted to watch a movie. I am getting the message: "FIRST: A QUICK PIECE OF BUSINESS While you now have access to tons of your favorite stuff, some of our movies and series are still off limits.  For full access, upgrade your account" What's up with this? I pay for this service every month through Spectrum/TWC and now I can't access what I am paying for? I see that there is a little symbol on many of the movies I would like to stream. Please help!! Why don't I have access to all of the STARZ movies?!?

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Re: Starz App has Locked Movie

Good morning.


Sorry to hear you are being restricted. Do you see this on all platforms? Do you see the same lock on Starz through

Is this something new? If so when did this start? Are you having trouble with Showtime

as well or just Starz? 


Looking at the webpage I am not seeing that Starz supports the Firestick.  

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Starz app locked content

Some movies are locked on the Starz app. This has happened to others. If like to know how to fix this. I sign in using my spectrum id & password.

Re: Starz App has Locked Movie

I am having the same issue as well. I am logged into my Roku 4 with my Specttrum user name and password. I am trying to watch "Fatal Beauty" 1987 with Whoopie Goldberg and it has a lock listed next to the title. Why is this locked and how do I remove it? I have deleted the app ad reinstalled it, I have also rebooted my roku from the system page and also unplugged it for 30 seconds. I reinstalled the app after having it unplugged for 30s, logged back into Starz with my spectrum info and it's still showing this lock and says "first a quick piece of business thank you for subscribing to watch this title you must upgrade your account" What else do I need to upgrade?