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Re: STARZ: issues and authentication issues

I'm a Time Warner customer. It’s working now.

Log into Starz on a browser.

Choose Spectrum and enter your information.

Then go to the device you want to view starz on.

This is an important step. Delete the Starz app and reinstall it.

For me it didn't work the first time but I deleted the app and reinstalled. Logged in via Spectrum and it worked.

For Roku it wasn't enough for me to simply delete the app. I had to delete and restart the player, then reinstall the app to get it to work. 

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Starz app on Amazon Firetv

I used my starz app on Amazon Firetv yesterday.  Today I went to watch it didn't work.   It requires a new activation code input. When I went to enter the code and look for service provider I looked for Spectrum then TWC but neither are listed.  I called Spectrum and the technician said to call Starz because it was their problem.  I called Starz and was told Spectrum removed themselves as Spectrum perferst their customers to use their own app. I believe this is true because Spectrum doesn't provide for USA, TNT, TCM  and other cable TV stations that I want to watch on Firetv.  WHenderson I called the number then the tech told me then the only app Spectrum supports is their own. As long as you are being paid why not support all the apps. Why did you remove Starz? 

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Re: STARZ: issues and authentication issues

I posted yesterday but it seems to have been deleted.  On Tuesday my Starz was working on my Firetv.  On Wednesday it wasn't.  I input my activation code then tried to input my provider which is Spectrum but it's no longer listed. I called Spectrum technical support and was told to call Starz because it was  their problem.  I then contacted Starz who said Spectrum had removed them. Spectrum wants subscribers to use their app. I beginning to believe it's true because when I tried to use them as my cable provider for cable TV channels such as USA, TNT,  TCM they are listed as the service provider.  What is the problem as long as the bill is paid. Are you going to fix the problem.  

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Re: Starz app on Amazon Firetv

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