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Uh, yeah Julia, thanks for the input but I just got a brand-new Android phone and HBOGo app does not work because I have Spectrum (formerly Time Warner Cable) and not Charter-Spectrum (apparently formerly Brighthouse). They appear to be two different entities and my Spectrum (TWC) login does not work with Charter-Spectrum. I think that is the issue here. You guys seriously need to get the right providers in the selection page.


Re: HBO GO not working

The message I get from Charter-Spectrum using the exact same login that i used to get to this community discussion page is:

The info you entered doesn't match our records. Please try again. ELI-1010


Again, I chose Charter-Spectrum from the providers list because there is no plain Spectrum or TWC-Spectrum.  You really need to fix this.


Re: HBO GO not working

I just signed into HBO Go selecting "Charter Spectrum" using the same TWC ID and password I use for my account.


Are you able to sign into your "My Account" on Did you recently move or change your package type?

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Re: HBO GO not working



Good morning. 


We have used multiple Android mobile devices and are not able to reproduce

the issue.  To verify you are trying to login at HBO Go and not HBO Now? 


You would want to use Charter Spectrum.


You then would be directed to use your HBO Go user profile,  you would have

set that up when you first set ths up. 


First step, open the app

Second step, enter your TWC ID and password.

Third step, you may or may not be directed to use your/ or set up a profile for HBO Go.


If you are still having trouble please feel free to contact our Social Media Customer 

Care team at 


Twitter: @Ask_Spectrum

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