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No More ESPN3 Online?

I used to be able to watch the ESPN channels online (ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, etc.) via ESPN's website. But for the past month or so I haven't been able to. I contacted ESPN and they said it was Spectrum's decision. I called Spectrum and was told that they stopped the service. Why didn't they tell their subscribers? It's common courtesy and would have saved me a lot of time waiting on hold or waiting weeks to get an email returned. There are certain sports that ESPN airs on their online channel ESPN3 only. And now I won't be able to watch them anymore thanks to Spectrum. I don't know why Spectrum dropped the service, they didn't think were important enough to inform us. *Spectrum, please make ESPN3 available again.!

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Re: No More ESPN3 Online?

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You should be able to login without issue First load


The page will come up with a somewhat large picture in the middle with a play icon:



 After you do that you should see Spectrum listed:



 Once you click on the Spectrum Icon you should be re-directed to this screen:



Once you have logged in you should no longer see the Key on the lower left side:



If this is not what you are seeing I encourage you to get in contact with us directly for further investigation.


 Twitter: @Ask_Spectrum


Please include:

1. Your account number for verification

2. Your service address

3. Your username


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ESPN Authorization error

ESPN app fails to work due to a Authorization error on Roku/PS4 however other cable providers it does work.  My login works using the app on my iphone/ipad. I have tried turning it off and on for the ps4 and roku and have deleted and reinstalled the app.


This was pulled from another forum thread over at roku. ..


"So, I have been unsuccessful on multiple Roku's and a Firestick. I got my mom's login info and tried it. No go. It works on my phone, but not anywhere else.

I called Spectrum, as it suggested. (Since they are notorious for having poor customer service, I came here first.) The gentleman had no idea what was going on. He tried a couple of things (looked to see if something was misconfigured in the account, which I knew wasn't the case since multiple different logins I tried didn't work - just too coincidental if both were misconfigured.) Stumped, he asked coworkers and his boss. Other's interest was piqued and they started playing around. In the chaos of all of this, someone overheard the discussion at the Spectrum office and chimed in.

Apparently, there is an issue between all Disney apps (they own ESPN) and Spectrum at this time. There is a miscommunication to verify successful activation and Spectrum account information. They said both parties are aware of the issue and both are working diligently to correct it. So, it's a wait and see thing at this time. 

Wish I had better news."



Will spectrum ever fix this?