NFL Network for L-TWC Areas

It's been over a year now and still no word from Spectrum about when we'll have access to NFL Network live programming, like Charter customer have had.  I'm not talking about NFL games, just live non-game NFL Network content.  The app login still says that Spectrum is working to get access to L-TWC customers "soon".  What is Spectrum's definition of "soon"?  

Proven Sharer

Re: NFL Network for L-TWC Areas

I have no knowledge of the negotiations or time frame, but the definition probably will have to include "at the same monthly bulk viewer cost to Spectrum as for all our existing subscribers."  The NFL may want to increase their overall video program revenues, or they may want to build viewer counts for setting new season ad rates, but they won't get both.  With today's more sophisticated viewing audiences, the two concepts are generally mutually exclusive.


Re: NFL Network for L-TWC Areas

It depends on which L-TWC area. Charlotte NC has had NFL Network and Red Zone since before the Charter merger.