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NBC Sports App Authentication Error

I have used the NBC Sports App on my iPhone and laptop for years without any issu. However recently I got an Apple TV and attempted to connect to the App with my Spectrum login. I was given an authentication error several times while attempting to login and gave up. Since then I have not been able to login on my iPhone or laptop and get an error message that says “you’ve reached the maximum number of users on your account” FQHBR07186. I have logged out completely on every other device and still receive the same error message. Please help as I use this service regularly

Re: NBC Sports App Authentication Error

Hi Geoff3,


Try clearing your cookies/history on your laptop and uninstalling the NBC Sports app on your iPhone. Because you have had quite a few devices logged in, your account seems to have reached the maximum times allowed due to security reasons.


See if that helps and if not, post back with new error codes or messages.


Hope this helps!

- Justinlab