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MAX GO and Wi-Fi

Is it true that i have to spend about a $100 just to watch free movies online?

I subscibe to Cinemax, and i know i need a TWC ID, but it also says i need to be connected to Wi-Fi.

I have a cable modem, my internet speed is capable (i can watch movies in HD on Netflix), but you need a Wi-Fi connection as well?

I do not plan on getting a router just to watch free movies. 

Am i correct in my assumption?


Re: MAX GO and Wi-Fi

Where did you read that meaningless dribble?


As long as you have a twc connection and an ID it will work, wired or wireless. And WI FI IS BAD, It won't work Everywhere, just on your home modem


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Re: MAX GO and Wi-Fi

I thought i needed to buy a router for home use but i now understand that it's not necessary. I was planning on buying a new cable modem (mine is 2.0 and it still works fine), but i will buy the Arris SB 6141.

I just tried watching Cinemax online and watching Cinemax on my TV and it's both in HD (my computer is connected to my HDTV).

Thanks for the info, i'm already using Cinemax watching one movie on TV and another movie online in HD.        


Re: MAX GO and Wi-Fi

I'd avoid buying any 8x4 or lower modems for now.. Spectrum will be dropping modem leases supposedly...

Especially 4x4's, their channel acceptance bandwidth is horrible.

This is a spec the TWC engineering absolutely forgot about, sad I had to bring it to their attention...Woman Sad



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Re: MAX GO and Wi-Fi

I only have one device connected, my computer. The SB 6141, even though it's a couple of years old, still is viable up to 100megs (i'm way lower than that). The latest modem is 16x4, which is overhyped and over priced for most users right now and in the immediate future.

My current modem, the SB5100, is 2.0. Even though my modem has been fine, i'm upgrading to 3.0 which will be fine for a few more years. 

Thank you for explaining to me about the Router, which i now know i don't need. The SB 6141 is still the best cable modem for most TWC users. 

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Re: MAX GO and Wi-Fi

You do not need to be on a TWC Internet connection. Max Go simply needs to authenticate through your TWC ID and password that you are a subscriber. 


On your computer you can use or on mobile devices through the App. 





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Re: MAX GO and Wi-Fi

Yes, i know, but i have an easier way to do that............i just click Live TV, which brings me to the channels directly.

My HDTV and Computer are connected, so my TV and Computer are on at the same time (which i want). My TV is my monitor, a 55" monitor, and i can just click a button on my remote (HDMI 1 PC, HDMI 2 TV) to altenate depending on what's on. I can also use the PIP using my remote and TV. I do this at times if i'm watching sports and need to watch 2 games at once.

What's interesting is i have Cinemax on TWC, but only 2 of 6 channels are in HD, the other 4 channels are almost HD (meaning it's around 720p) but have the aspect ratio cropped. Viewing Cinemax on my Computer at the same time with the same programming, 5 of the 6 are in HD (1920x1080i) with the appropiate aspect ratio.

Yes, i know i can just press the "zoom" or "stretch" button on my remote to make it look better, but watching LIVE TV on my computer sometimes is more beneficial to me.

DirecTV, which i still have but suspended for a few months, had all their Cinemax channels in HD (1920x1080i) with full aspect ratio automatically.

Hopefully "Charter", will eventually treat their Premium channels like DTV does.