HBOGo App on Tivo Roamio Buffers and Stops Working

My HBO Go App on Tivo Roamio buffers slowly at first and then eventually locks up with message “App currently unavailable”. All other apps work fine and HBO Go works fine on other devices . I have tried all troubleshhoting tips including exiting the app and reactivating and rebooting Tivo. My network connectivity and speed is excellent.


Re: HBOGo App on Tivo Roamio Buffers and Stops Working

You may try these troubleshooting tips from the HBO site:



Just to rule out anything Spectrum related...I assume you have Spectrum internet? Post the modem's signal levels if you have access just to make sure the connection is all good.


Having said that, the built in apps on the TiVo devices aren't the best and many have problems. For instance, Youtube is completely unusable on my Bolt.