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HBO GO Not Working

I am a new Spectrum customer (came over from Optimum with my move) and trying to access HBO GO on my Samsung Smart TV and when I try to log in I receive this error message: 

"We’re having trouble verifying your access to HBO GO with your TV provider. The info you entered doesn't match our records. Please try again. If you forgot your sign-in info, visit FQHBR07161" 
I also tried signing into HBO GO on my phone and on my computer on multiple browsers (safari, chrome, internet explorer) and didn't work anywhere. I went over to to make sure I can log in and I can, so I know my log in credentials are accurate. 
Has anyone experienced this issue? I've been on the phone with Spectrum for a while now and they don't know why this is...

Re: HBO GO Not Working

@brittmoco wrote:

I am a new Spectrum customer...

How new? When did your account become active?