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Fire stick espn

So I've ran into a problem. Last year I was able to log into the espn app on my firestick. Now it's saying I do not have the channels. What I think is happening is it's auto logging me in and using an old email that my spectrum internet is set up through. For my tv service I have a different login and I cannot figure out how to put this in. (Also this is the same username and password I used before so I'm not sure why it ever logged me out to begin with)
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Re: Fire stick espn

Good morning!


A few questions.

1. Are you using your Username and Password or your email address and password?

2. Have you since moved and registered with the new account?

3. If the App/channel is auto login in you would need to log out and 

then use your My Account login. 

4. On the Watch ESPN app on an Android phone there are three dots at the top right of the app that once you click it will let you log out. 


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I do believe that Fire TV and the Fire Stick are considered the same platform. 


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Re: Fire stick espn

I'm having the same issue.  I think the Firestick is using my home wifi to auto login to Spectrum which isn't the same family account I want to stream ESPN with.  The same thing happens on my laptop, but I can stream on my cell phone or outside the home on a laptop fine with my family spectrum account.


Is there a way to work around this bug?  It is extremely frustrating to not be able to stream ESPN anywhere.

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Re: Fire stick espn



Fire TV and Firestick are NOT the same platform.  There is no Watch ESPN app for firestick, only ESPN app, which has the option to "watch".