Can’t use TV Apps

I  have been trying to use apps like Watch TCM, TBS, Fox, on Roku, Fire stick, IPhone, and tablet, but I can’t sign in.  I keep getting this message:  "Please wait while we send you to your provider to log in..." and eventually times out.  I called Spectrum last week and the technician said there were many tickets coming in with the same problem. It is a week later and the issue is not resolved.  Oddly, when I I tap on any other provider on the list, like Opti,um and Fios, it takes me to their webpage.  Even more strange, when I am at my sister’s house (she has Optimum), I can use the apps and log  on with Spectrum.  It is obviously some kind of problem with Spectrum’s internet.  I am ready to jump ship to Fios.  Can this problem be fixed?

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Re: Can’t use TV Apps

Good morning.


The first thing I would suggest, if you have not already done this, is to power cycle your modem, let it completely reboot, then powercycle your router (if you are using a separate one). 


Please not that not all apps are supported on your Firestick but most will be on your other devices. You can check out a list of apps and what they are supported on here: 


I you are still experiencing trouble we encourage you to contact our Social Media Cusotmer Service team.


Twitter: @Ask_Spectrum

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Spectrum








Re: Can’t use TV Apps


I am not on Twitter or Facebook.  I have already called technical support.  At this point Spectrum needs to fix the problem, or I will have to move to Fios.  I pay for the service, I should be able to use the service.

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Re: Can’t use TV Apps

Please try restarting the modem.  If you still need assistance, you can also reach us by private message @Forums_Help .