CBS All Access

When I try to open CBS All Access it gives me the option to selct my provide.  Spectrum is in the list of providers.  When I select Spectrun it tells me my provider is not supported in this market.  I am in Covington, KY.  Anyone know why I can't get the CBS All Acess in the covington market as part of my Spectrum service?


Re: CBS All Access

Would hazard a guess it has to do with the local affiliate not having a deal in your area. Ran into a similar thing with ABC, Fox, and NBC standalone apps. Switched to a different streaming service that has a local deal worked out and they started offering live streams and such.

Or it could just be that your Spectrum region hasn't worked out a deal with CBS at the corporate level. All Access is their subscription based service after all... minimum cost is north of around $5 a month, depending if you subscribe annually or monthly.