Hello -- I have a TWC Technicolor MTA modem --  My router has a ipv6 option -- should I  turn  ipv6 on? 


Re: ipv6

Probably not.

It will slow you down on a TWC connection.



Re: ipv6

enable ipv6?

  1. short answer - for most folks: No
  2. exceptions:
    1. accessing an IP endpoint that only uses ipv6 
    2. direct IP access without port forwarding to an IP endpoint in the LAN behind your router.
    3. experimentation
  3. I have not seen any performance of functional advantage to using IPV6 if ipv4 is available. 
  4. Many routers do not contain an ipv6 firewall, and NAT'g is not required with ipv6.  These routers inadvertently create a security issue. if ipv6 is enabled and an ipv6 device is attached that does have  a firewall, that device will be "on the internet" without a firewall. 


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