ipv6 TG862G Leeward Oʻahu

I am in Waiʻanae HI, pulling an ipv4 address in, using an Arris Docsis 3.0 model TG862G cable router. When I first got this router, it only got an ipv4 address. Between 2015-03-21 and 2015-12-12, it got ipv6 addresses in 2605:e000::/32 . Then the ipv6 stopped. What is the status of ipv6 here?

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Re: ipv6 TG862G Leeward Oʻahu



We are happy to look into this for you.  Unfortunately, we have limited access to Hawaii accounts.  We can forward your request to the local division in Honolulu and have them contact you directly.  You can contact us by private message at TWC_ForumsHelp. Please include your account number and phone number where you can be reached.  


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Re: ipv6 TG862G Leeward Oʻahu

Eventually, we concluded that the cable router was broken, and replaced it. IPv6 worked as expected on the new one.