iPv6 Causing Internet to Lose Connection Constantly

Hi, I am a new customer and I am having constant disconnection issues on my desktop computer which is hard wired into the router.  We have several WiFi devices which have been operating with no issues, it is just my desktop PC that is having problems.


So about every 10-15 minutes, my computer will lose internet connection and I have to go to my network adapter, disable it, then re-enable it, then the internet comes back.  When I look at the status of the connection, when it is working, it shows that both IPv4 Connectivity and IPv6 Connectivity as "Internet".  When it stops working, the IPv6 Connectivity switches to "No internet access".  I have never had any issues with this computer before with ATT, this issue just immediately came up as soon as I switched to TWC.  I've tried Googling around for some potential solutions but nothing is solving the problem.  What do I need to do to resolve this issue?



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Re: iPv6 Causing Internet to Lose Connection Constantly

Good afternoon. 


Do you have any other hardwired devices? If so do you also drop connection from those? 

Are you using a modem and router or an all in one?  Do you have a wireless NIC in the laptop? If so do you see it drop when on wireless?




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Re: iPv6 Causing Internet to Lose Connection Constantly

Highly recommend that you disable the IPv6 in your laptop.  That is done on the network adapter panel.  If you run only IPv4 on your home LAN, your disconnect issues should pretty much go away.  

Spectrum's DNS is dual-mode, so it can resolve both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.  Verify that your router DNS serveris set to the Spec trum IPs and 62.   The modem should already be pushing those IPs to the router if you have correctly set it up to retrieve settings from the network. 


Re: iPv6 Causing Internet to Lose Connection Constantly

I am using a modem and separate router, both provived by Spectrum. I think the model number for the modem is E31N2V1 and the model for the router is E188325 (it is possible those aren't the model numbers, but they looked like the only thing printed on the devices that might be).


The only other hard wired device into the router is a Phillips Hue bridge, but it has not had any connectivity issues. 


It isn't a laptop, it is a desktop PC so I don't have a wireless card for it.


Re: iPv6 Causing Internet to Lose Connection Constantly

I tried disabling "Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)" in the properties of my network adapter, but that ended up with the internet not connecting at all.  It seems like even though the status of the IPv4 is showing that it is fine, it won't let the connection through without IPv6 also online.  Not sure if there is some other setting I need so that it just tried to completely ignore IPv6.


I verified that the router was automatically resolving to the DNS of