Will TWC ever support IPv6 on SBG6580?

Just out of curiousity, will the SBG6580 ever fully support IPv6 on TWC's network?  The firmware on there now (from 2013) seems to be grabbing a IPv6 address on the WAN side, but it doesn't assign them on the LAN side.  It seems that this firmware has the "beginnings" of IPv6 support, where the Motorola (now Arris) engineers intended to "fill it out" completely in a newer firmware.  So I'm wondering a few things (that I've been unable to find in Google searches):


1.  Has Arris even made new firmware yet that has full IPv6 support?  If not, are they going to?

2.  Is TWC actively working towards getting IPv6 support for the SBG6580?  Or is it more likely that it might be more than five years before it happens, or that it never happens?  Is there any sort of holdup that's been causing this delay, such as discovered bugs with new firmware, or simply that IPv6 is not a priority right now, and that it's deemed more important to just stick with the current firmware that works well for the 99% of customers who probably haven't heard of IPv6?


Anyway, I'm just curious.  Obviously, this isn't having a negative impact on me in any way.  I haven't yet tried to access any "IPv6-only sites" (is there even any?).  And I noticed Teredo is active on my Windows 10 PC.  Maybe in the future when IPv6-only sites start popping up, then there will be more of a push to get IPv6 working on SBG6580?  Thanks!


Re: Will TWC ever support IPv6 on SBG6580?

It, like most other modems more than 2 years old, are obsolete junk. TWC has been throwing out 6580's, I've got a couple.

 They are a IPv4 only device and were designed by Motorola, which was sold to Arris who has no desire to rewrite the firmware for them as they are out to sell the latest technology, the 6190/92's


is this the version you have now?

Hardware Version2
Software VersionSBG6580-