Spectrum/TWC's Policy Prohibiting Customers from Obtaining their Native IPv6 Address

I just got off the telephone with technical support with Spectrum. I had called to obtain the native IPv6 address for my account. The representative informed me  although he had "pulled up the IPv6"  address, a  Spectrum policy prohibits the disclosure of IPv6 addresses to  customers. Hearing this  left me speechless.


Rather than delve into the details  the lack of an IPv6 address effects the performance of the many devices connected to my router -> modem, I will simply say that the effect was profound.   


One would think that obtaining a setting  would not be an issue. Can anyone provide a logical reason for keeping the IPv6 address secret? Better yet, if anyone associated Spectrum  reads this post, kindly explain the reason behind this inexplicable policy.


Yet again,  my belief that Spectrum  has only disdain for its  customers has been justified.  In fact, I don't view myself as a customer. Rather, I am a hostage with nowhere else to turn.  The few alternative ISPs offer Internet plans that do not have speed & bandwidth that I require.



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Re: Spectrum/TWC's Policy Prohibiting Customers from Obtaining their Native IPv6 Address

When you switch to a new ISP, ask whether they offer static external addresses to their standard residential customers.  Spectrum normally does not, so any native IPv4 or IPv6 address they did tell you could change at any time.   Fixed IP addresses are available at extra-cost if you subscribe to Business Internet service. 


Spectrum provides DNS resolvers in the configuration information that is automatically provided via the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP and DHCPv6).  At this time, they only provide the IPv4 addresses of our DNS resolvers.  They expect to add IPv6 resolvers in the coming months. 


As long as IPv4 is working, your dual-stack (IPv4 and IPv6 simultaneously) configuration will still allow you to use IPv4-enabled DNS resolvers to look up IPv6 addresses.