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Spectrum Business with static IPv4 and DHCP-PD IPv6?

Are Spectrum's Business Internet plans capable of having statically assigned IPv4 addresses and dyamically assigned IPv6 addresses?


I'm looking at the 300x20 plan with 29 static IP addresses. However, I also need a /56 IPv6 block via DHCP-PD that I can subnet into multiple /64.


Also what device does Spectrum (TWC: Austin, Texas) provide with their business Internet service? I don't want a router or gateway device, I need a modem that I can bridge directly to a Juniper edge router.

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Re: Spectrum Business with static IPv4 and DHCP-PD IPv6?

I would suggest starting at  http://forums.timewarnercable.com/t5/Connectivity/Spectrum-Business-Static-IP-FAQs/td-p/139313/jump-...

You'll need to contact a Spectrum office in the Austin area regarding what equipment they include and some things specifically NOT included in their business internet service package.