Its 2018 and still no DNS server

Is there any news on how many more years before we get an IPv6 DNS server from Spectrum?

Location: Warren, Ohio.

Re: Its 2018 and still no DNS server

Should be one.. it's way slower than the IPv4 one in columbus since it's in Kansas...

are you timing out?



Re: Its 2018 and still no DNS server

I never got one since I have been using IPv6 for the last 5 -6 years.


Connection Type:Automatic Configuration - DHCPv6
Internet Address:2605:a000:ffc0:00f8:446d:46f4:5b08:5eb3
Default Gateway:fe80:0000:0000:0000:0201:5cff:fe8a:be46
DHCP Lease Time:10080 Minutes
Location: Warren, Ohio.
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Re: Its 2018 and still no DNS server

I've found a few things, some good, some bad.

That I see there is nothing about DNS servers in the near future. So why not configure an open source DNS server?

There are a few that are compatible with Spectrum and simple to set up. The one that I use is from a popular search engine and it is fast and secure.

If you own your own equipment, you will need to set up the IPv6 DNS server anyway. I learned the official stance from Spectrum is that they will not program a modem, router, bridge, etc that they don't own.

My modem  is IPv6 compatible and was set to obtain DNS server addresses automatically but they weren't there. Just so you understand,  IPv4 loads the DNS server addresses automatically during computer start up.


Re: Its 2018 and still no DNS server

Is this setting for Indiana??
Thank u tina
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Re: Its 2018 and still no DNS server

As far as I know. The search I did for open source DNS server addresses was universal and I have location turned off.

The website I looked at had no exceptions listed. I would give you the search engine name but I'm not sure if Spectrum would let this message be posted.

Another clue to their identity is they also have a browser that the search engine is default.

Now when I look at the event log, I see DHCPv6 starting and then stopping with no errors.
The DNS server for IPv6 doesn't log errors any more and more importantly the modem and the computer don't restart.

You seem to be somewhat tech savvy but if not the instructions are clear  for those addresses are clear.


Good luck