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Is IPv6 necessary?

Reason I ask this question:


I flashed the firmware on my router and reset it to factory default, but I forgot to set up IPv6 in the router.  Previously IPv6 was working in the same router, so I know it works fine. I’m seeing no real difference in my connection with IPv6 off. 


If I were to turn it back on, should I use google’s dns servers for IPv6, since TWC uses their IPv4 dns for IPv6? Currently the router handles TWC DNS and does a great job.


Modem is Arris sb6183, with an ac1900 Asus router.




Re: Is IPv6 necessary?

No...   in 99% of homes


Re: Is IPv6 necessary?

@MsRaye wrote:

No...   in 99% of homes

I agree. It is not necessary now but over time it will become necessary since their is no more IPV4 address's so their will eventually be IPV6 only websites in the future going forward.

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Re: Is IPv6 necessary?

Is there a performance difference running IPv6?


To be truthful, it doesn’t feel any different with it enabled or disabled in the router.

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Re: Is IPv6 necessary?


Just to clarify for the rest of the readers (since what you wrote here only applies as far as internet/WAN servers go and could be misintepreted as internal LAN stuff).

Your modem-to-CMTS connection is typically IPv6 these days anyways, for most hubs across the SPECTRUM service areas (not sure if all, and I have no idea about competitors).  In other words, most of your modems out there are using IPv6 now for your external IP.  Whether IPv4 or IPv6 for the LAN for inside the customer's home, it really makes no difference.

 Also worth pointing out, there is no speed advantage of IPv6 over IPv4, it's just an address. No more, no less.  Where IPv6 matters is with internet servers because of how many servers there are out there.  IPv6 won't last indefinitely, but it'll give a whole lot more unique addresses and keep the internet growing.

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