IPv6 not provisioned in So Cal?

I recently bought an MG7550 modem router, replacing an SBG6850, because I want to convert my network to IPv6.  Just got off the phone with TWC tech support - where I was told that while TWC is "ready" for IPv6, they haven't rolled it out to all customers yet, and had no idea when they might.


Anyone have a clue when the technical reality is scheduled to catch up to the marketing hype (https://www.timewarnercable.com/en/support/faqs/faqs-internet/ipv6/why-don_t-i-have-ipv6-yet-.html)?


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Re: IPv6 not provisioned in So Cal?

It probably works, but you're unable to access the settings or haven't set something correctly.... 

People just don't listen and buy the all in one combo's for tooo much money and they just don't work. in complex networks.

Send it back, buy a seperate modem and router for a start.


post your zip code and the modems status, signal and log pages...

 And yes a 6580 is old obsolete junk, TWC is throwing their leased ones in the trash...

 Probably anything with the motorola name on it is obsolete as well, they were bought out and rebranded several years ago.




Re: IPv6 not provisioned in So Cal?

I also highly doubt TWC told you the truth....

They are notorious for dissing COAM equipment owners, You should ask them if they have a  leased modem that will work and if so what model it is...

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Re: IPv6 not provisioned in So Cal?

The ones here in NC that run IPv6 are usually the Ubee DVW32CB, Ubee DDW36C, Technicolor TC8717T, that I am fully aware of and are always provisioned for IPv6. The more common modem/router combo we lease are the Arris DG1670A and Arris TG1672G and still run on IPv4. However, every Cust Owned Modem on our approved list is capable of using IPv6, but I do agree with MsRaye, modem/router combos are junk. I use the Ubee DVW32CB, the only modem/router combo we lease that is Wireless AC capable, and its still not that good. I run a Cat6 through my vent system to a router installed on my ceiling in my living room to get full house coverage.

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Re: IPv6 not provisioned in So Cal?

I am fully aware of the ARRIS/Motorola buyout years past - that's the reason my SBG6580 never got a firmware update beyond (I think) 6.5.2.  But Motorola is still in the cable modem business, the MG7550 was released last year, to resonably good reviews.


And, the MG7550 is what the local would rent me, were I to rent <https://www.timewarnercable.com/en/support/internet/topics/lease-or-buy-modem.html>


Requested screencaps - convined my issues are in the final pic. No prefix, no IPv6 DNS servers...




Re: IPv6 not provisioned in So Cal?

Oh: zip 91355